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The difference between CNC cutting machine and CNC engraving machine

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The CNC engraving machine is an intelligent engraving equipment, and the CNC cutting machine is an intelligent panel furniture cutting equipment.
The CNC cutting machine and the CNC engraving machine have overlapping parts in function. The cutting machine is mainly used for cutting, punching, slotting, milling, engraving and other functions of panel furniture, while the engraving machine is mainly used for board or The functions of relief carving, hollow carving and three-dimensional carving of three-dimensional parts.
In addition, from the price point of view, the price of the cutting machine is much higher than that of the CNC engraving machine. The factors that affect the price are mainly reflected in the configuration and control system.
The configuration of the engraving machine is generally an ordinary sultry bed, the guide rail and slider are generally 20 models, most of the table structure is aluminum alloy plus soft PVC, most of the drive motors are domestic stepping motors, and the rack is also an option With a relatively small modulus of 1.25 mesh racks, the comprehensive manifestation of these configurations is that the running speed is slow, and under long-term heavy-load operation, the accuracy of lost steps will be inaccurate and even affect the service life of the machine.
Most of the current configuration of the cutting machine is a double-layer weighted five-sided milling machine body. Compared with the engraving machine, the stability and firmness are much improved, and the overall weight is twice or more than the engraving machine body. Most of the table structure is It is a hard fireproof PVC vacuum adsorption table. In order to meet the high-precision and heavy-duty work of sheet cutting, the cutting machine mostly chooses 25 or 30 square rail sliders, and is equipped with a reducer in the XY axis, Z The axis is equipped with a brake device, and the racks are mostly 1.5 meshes. The drive motors are also domestic hybrid servos, closed-loop pure servos or imported servo motors, which not only meet the standards of fast speed and high precision, but also meet the long-term requirements. Processing requirements to improve processing efficiency.
The difference between CNC cutting machine and CNC engraving machine
In addition, on the spindle configuration of the two, the engraving machine is generally a low-power water-cooled spindle or a low-power air-cooled spindle, generally 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.2kw, etc. In order to cut the board at high speed, the cutting machine is mostly equipped with a high-power air-cooled spindle, and the common ones are 4.5KW, 6KW, 9KW, 12KW and so on.
In terms of systems, engraving machines are generally Weihong board card control systems or handle control systems for four-axis machines, and many manufacturers are equipped with pirated cards. Although the price is low, some problems are prone to occur. Cutting machines rarely use pirated systems, most of which are Shenzhen Shanlong, Shanghai Weihong, Taiwan Baoyuan or the new generation of intelligent panel control systems. This also makes the performance of the machine much more optimized than the engraving machine.
Then there is the difference in software usage. Generally, engraving machines are equipped with Jingdiao, Wentai, artcam, PM and other software to facilitate the operation of engraving and cutting relief. Due to functional requirements, cutting machines mostly use some professional unpacking software, such as Yunxi, Alpha, Xinxiaoyuan, 1010, Haixun and other professional cabinet door software. It is more convenient to learn and operate, and more powerful in terms of function realization.
The cutting machine uses matching typesetting software to realize online design, presenting 3D renderings, two-dimensional renderings, one-key order splitting, optimized typesetting, automatic hole layout and other functions. Equipped with a vacuum suction table, greatly improving the processing efficiency. Moreover, with different shapes of flower knives, not only can all the functions of the engraving machine be realized, but the shape of cabinet doors and wooden doors is even better than that of the engraving machine.


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