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What tools are better for carving stone

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There are generally three methods commonly used in the market for engraving stone. One is to engrave with an electric grinder by hand, the other is to engrave with a stone sandblasting engraving machine, and the third is to engrave with a CNC machine. It depends on what you use to engrave. If you only engrave large characters, then you can use an electric grinder. If you engrave a plan with a lot of small characters, it is recommended to use a sandblasting machine. If you want to make a relief effect, only the CNC engraving machine can do it. . Specifically, I will analyze the pros and cons of several methods below.
1. Traditional hand carving. This processing method is a very primitive carving method, which takes a long time and low output, but the quality and craftsmanship are exquisite and exquisite. In traditional hand-carving, you must first use a pen to write out the decorative patterns and text to be carved. There is no problem with a skilled stonemason carving about 200 characters a day. In short, the speed of the decorative patterns carved out by this engraving method Slow, and the text is not standard enough, the technical requirements for engravers are very high, and it takes a long time to get started, but now there are fewer masters who have this kind of technology, and they are gradually replaced by machines.
2. Small mobile stone sandblasting engraving machine, low cost and fast speed of sandblasting engraving. It only takes a few seconds to engrave a character. The depth can be adjusted freely. The engraving standard is easy to operate. Compared with the engraving methods such as manual and CNC engraving machine, it is very convenient to paint after the sandblasting machine is finished, because it is used first. The film glue covers all the non-character parts, so paint or spray paint is just fine, just tear off the tape after painting. In addition, the sandblasting engraving machine can engrave a wide range of materials, suitable for marble, granite, bluestone, jade, crystal, plastic, acrylic, glass, ceramics, bamboo, wood, metal, ceramic tiles, background walls and other materials. Lettering, pattern, lace, Yin carving, Yang carving, plaque, tombstone, merit monument, decoration pattern. Not limited by material size, text or pattern size and area. Various fonts, fine art, handwriting, celebrity calligraphy and painting can all be carved. Low cost, the cost of engraving one thousand two-centimeter small characters is more than ten yuan, and the speed is fast. It only takes 5-8 seconds to engrave one small two-centimeter characters. The engraving is standard. Friends who know how to type on a computer (or write by hand) can learn it in one hour. The machine is very simple to use, plug in 220V and press the host switch to engrave. Manual and CNC engraving cannot be compared.
3. Numerical control engraving is currently a relatively advanced engraving method. The engraving program is generated by the computer to control the cutter of the engraving machine for engraving. The CNC engraving machine mainly has a three-axis linkage mode, which does not require a large number of workers to operate. The operation is simple, easy to understand and fast. The requirements for the surface of the carved stone are not as high as the previous ones. There is no need for flatness and no error. For the curved surface of the stone, it is irregular. The engraving has advantages, the engraving standard, it can engrave all kinds of decorative patterns. However, each method must have its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of this engraving method is that the size of the stone tablet is required. The size of the stone tablet is smaller than the size of the engraving machine, and the price is very very expensive. In addition, it will be easy to engrave small characters. The edges will collapse, and it is troublesome to paint after carving. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a strong computer knowledge to use a CNC engraving machine.


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