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Daily maintenance of woodworking cutting machine engraving machine

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When the furniture factory uses the woodworking cutting machine engraving machine on a daily basis, it must be done daily to clean up the accumulated impurities in the equipment, and regularly add lubricating oil. If these routine maintenance steps are lacking, it is easy to cause excessive rotation resistance of the lead screw, bearing, etc. after long-term operation of the woodworking cutting machine engraving machine, resulting in poor processing results or easy damage to the equipment.
How to do regular maintenance in daily production?
1. The lubricating oil must be selected correctly. It is recommended to choose a mixed lubricating oil with oil and butter to avoid excessively thick conditions;
2. Three key parts should be lubricated in daily production, namely X/Y/Z three-axis screw, square rail and rack;
3. Pay attention to the steps in daily lubrication and maintenance. Before the lubrication work starts, remove the impurities in the lead screw guide rails and bearings in advance. If you have stubborn magazines, you can use gasoline to clean up and add mixed lubricants;
4. When do you need lubrication? Generally speaking, the working environment and time of machinery and equipment should be considered. It is best to clean up the debris and impurities of the equipment after stopping work every day, and lubricate all parts every month.
A woodworking CNC cutting machine is not cheap. The furniture factory must do a good job of maintenance in the daily use process, and do not waste money because of the usual carelessness and delays in the construction period.


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