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Tips for choosing a stone engraving machine

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1. To understand the performance and function of the stone engraving machine motor, the spindle motor of the engraving machine is also very important, because the spindle motor is generally not covered by the warranty, and the spindle motor works continuously for a long time, so if the spindle motor is not good It will also affect the use of the engraving machine.
2. Pay attention to the function of the stone engraving machine. The spindle motor of the engraving machine has high power and low power. Some engraving machines with low power are only suitable for the processing of materials such as two-color boards, architectural models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts, etc. This technology has been popular for some time, but the engraving power is too small and its application range is greatly affected. The other is an engraving machine with a high-power spindle motor. This engraving machine is divided into two categories. One is a large-format cutting machine with a format of more than one meter, but the accuracy of this engraving machine is generally poor; the other is It is a medium-sized engraving machine, which is generally used in fine processing and organic sign production.
3. Furthermore, it is the adjustable range of the spindle motor speed. Generally, the adjustable range of speed is several thousand to 30 thousand revolutions per minute. If the speed is not adjustable or the adjustable range of speed is small, then the application range of the engraving machine is affected. Great limitation, because different materials must be engraved with different engraving head speeds.
4. Engraving machine manufacturing process, high-power engraving machine requires precision and stability when working, so long-term high-power engraving should use a cast bed or at least a cast table to ensure its processing accuracy and stability.
5. Controllers are generally divided into two types. One type of controller is only for driving, and all calculation work is done by the computer. When the engraving machine is working, the computer is in a waiting state and cannot perform typesetting work. Another type of controller is controlled by a single-board computer or a single-chip computer. This controller is actually a computer, so as long as the engraving machine starts to work, the computer can immediately perform other typesetting work, especially when engraving for a long time. The advantages are particularly obvious.
6. The screw rod and guide rail are also important parts of the stone engraving machine. A good screw rod and guide rail are the guarantee of the accuracy and performance of the engraving machine when it is used for a long time.


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