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Advantages of engraving and milling machine

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Numerical control technology is undergoing fundamental changes, from a dedicated closed open-loop control mode to a general-purpose open real-time dynamic full closed-loop control mode. On the basis of integration, the CNC system has achieved ultra-thin and ultra-miniaturization; in intelligence Based on the integration of computer, multimedia, fuzzy control, neural network and other multidisciplinary technologies, the CNC system realizes high-speed, high-precision, and efficient control. It can automatically correct, adjust and compensate various parameters during the processing process, and realize online diagnosis. And intelligent fault handling.
Engraving and milling machines generally use linear guides. This guide has very high precision and the surface brightness is also very high. At first glance, many people would think that this guide is made of stainless steel. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of many people. Because of its functional characteristics, precision linear guides cannot be made of stainless steel. Therefore, the guides will rust like other materials with iron as the main element. If improper use will cause rust on the guide rail surface, what should you do if the guide rail of your engraving and milling machine is rusted?
The first is to prevent: the rust of the engraving and milling machine guide rail has a fatal effect on the overall performance of the machine tool, so we must prevent this phenomenon as much as possible. Usually, the guide rails of each axis of the engraving and milling machine should be inspected and maintained regularly. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be dealt with in time to find the root cause of the problem and deal with it in time.
The second is to find out in time: When your engraving and milling machine uses water-based cutting fluid to process, especially the part CNC engraving and milling machine, you must pay great attention to the inspection of the guide rail, because the water-based cutting fluid has a very strong effect on the rust Big. The timely detection of problems can effectively prevent the development of rust.
The third is the correct handling of rusty rails: When you find that the rails have rusted, you should judge based on the actual situation. If the rust of the guide rail is not serious, it will not have a big impact on the machine tool. The way to deal with it is first to find the cause of the rust. Generally speaking, rust is mainly caused by problems with the supply of lubricating oil. In this case, we need to check whether the oil circuit is unblocked and whether the oil pipe is broken. Another reason may be that the protective performance of the protective cover is insufficient, causing the cutting fluid to drop directly on the guide rail surface. After dealing with these problems, we pour more lubricating oil on the surface of the guide rail, and then turn on the machine tool and let the machine run dry for about 2 hours. Remember not to rub the surface of the guide rail with rough materials such as sand cloth, otherwise the guide rail will be directly scrapped. If the rust of the guide rail is already very serious, what you have to do at this time is to ask the professional personnel of the engraving and milling machine manufacturer to deal with it.
Engraving and milling machine is a kind of CNC machine tool. It is generally believed that the engraving and milling machine is a CNC milling machine that uses small tools, high power and high-speed spindle motors. The advantage of the engraving and milling machine is engraving. If the hardness of the processing material is relatively large, it will appear to be inadequate. The emergence of engraving and milling machines can be said to fill the gap between the two. The engraving and milling machine can be used for engraving and milling. It is a high-efficiency and high-precision CNC machine tool.


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