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Method of bearing disassembly for machining center

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CNC machining centers are automated processing equipment developed by CNC milling machines. The powerful processing capabilities of CNC machining centers can bring higher work efficiency to enterprises. It is an automated machine tool that can be processed and has many functions. As a high-precision mechanical equipment, the machining center also has certain requirements for the installation environment. The bearing is a part of CNC machining center. Its main function is to support the rotation of the machine, reduce the coefficient of friction generated in its motion, and ensure its rotation accuracy. So what is the method of bearing removal?
1. Percussion
During an impact, the force is concentrated on the inner ring of the bearing. This method is relatively simple, but it is easier to damage the bearing. When disassembling, place an object on the ground of the bearing, and then hit it with a hammer to remove the bearing.
2. Pull out method
With a special puller, the bearing can only be pulled out by rotating the handle. It should be noted that the puller is pasted on the end face of the bearing inner ring of the CNC machining center, and the bending angle of the puller should be less than 90°.
3. Push method
This method can be implemented with the help of a press, and is relatively safe for the bearing, but it should be noted that the focus of the press should be placed on the center of the shaft.
4. Hot demolition method
Pour the 100° bearing oil tank on top of the bearing. The principle of thermal expansion and contraction is that the bearing will expand after heating. At this time, you can use a puller to pull it out. Please use a smaller method to avoid burns.
5. Induction heating method
This method is better. Induction current will be generated in the bearing ring of CNC machining center, and then the bearing will heat up and expand, which makes it easier for us to disassemble the spindle.
When disassembling the bearings of the machining center, you must be careful and follow the process strictly. Therefore, you must be extra careful. 


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