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What do you do after the router machine is cut off?

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 What do you do when the router machine can't return to the original point after the power is broken?
        I think everyone is more annoyed at this question.
        When we use the router machine, we can always encounter the problem of blackout and power interruption. Once the power is cut off, we will continue to sculpt the wrong position, and the origin will not go back. The following ruotai CNC router machine will give you about way.

        First talk about the router machine only one machine origin, this point is always the same, when we use the router machine to Z axis, X axis, Y axis, each return to the mechanical origin, OK, is in power after the fear, when the computer and sculpture we use the machine engraving machine suddenly cut off, or the computer crashed all fault what, we can't continue engraving machine, then we put XYZ the three shafts are back to the origin of machine, and then continue to carve in click on it, of course, can also be broken by senior start inside, back. So, if you don't know either, then go back to finish the mechanical origin, in the back to the original point, this point is when we decide the machining processing origin.

        In order to reduce unnecessary loss, be sure to remember to work the machine's XYZ axis back to the mechanical origin! If it feels inconvenient to return to the machine every time, then the X axis of the cutter will not be misplaced until the 45 degree cutter, and the lower YZ axis is good.

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