Edge banding machine

Edge banding machine RC-E05 Cabinet production line

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NO. Description Parameter
1 Technical parameter RC1325FS
2 The thickness of edge handing tape 0.4-3mm
3 The width of edge handing tape 12-60mm
4 Panel length ≥120mm
5 Panel width ≥80mm
6 The feding speed 1200-2000mm/min
7 Feeding motor 1.5KW
8 End trimming motor 0.37KW
9 Rough trimming motor 0.7KW
10 Fine trimming motor 0.7KW
11 Polishing motor 0.25KW
12 Glue box heater 2KW
13 Air presses to side 2KW
14 Total power 9.4KW
15 Weight 1700KG
16 Size of appearance 4600*900*1600mm

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