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What materials can woodworking engraving machine process?

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 22 , 2023 05:58:07
What materials can woodworking engraving machine process?

With the development of industrial intelligence, woodworking engraving machine has more functions, and its application areas are becoming more and more extensive. So what types of materials can woodworking engraving machine process besides woodworking board, density board and organic board? We analyze from two main areas for you. 

  First, woodworking doors and windows furniture industry furniture decoration, musical instrument industry, wood crafts industry, large area plate plane carving, solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, solid wood art mural, density board paint-free doors, composite doors, cabinet window doors, bedside tables, screen carving, etc.  

    Second, mold crafts industry can carve a variety of molds, wood mold, aviation wood mold, propeller, automotive foam mold, etc. 

Third, the advertising industry: carving, cutting all kinds of signs, seat signs, marble, copper, word mold, font, all kinds of signs, trademarks and other metal materials.

  Fourth, the crafts industry: crafts, souvenirs engraved on various types of text, graphics, iron artwork engraving, dials. 

    Fifth, mold processing: architectural models, physical models, hot stamping mold, motor, high-frequency mold, micro injection mold, shoe mold, badges, embossing molds, cookies, chocolate, candy mold.

    Sixth, the seal industry: can be easily engraved on materials such as cow horn, plastic, organic board, wood, storage pad, etc.

    The application area of woodworking engraving machine is very wide, woodworking engraving machine in more and more industries to play an important role. We hope that woodworking product manufacturers will learn about Roctech woodworking engraving machines, which can help you improve product quality, increase productivity and reduce costs. roctech woodworking engraving machines are reliable and reasonably priced, and we offer continuous after-sales service to give you peace of mind. You can contact us through the contact form on our website and we will explain to you in detail about Roctech woodworking engraving machines. We will be happy to serve you.

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