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Roctech® CNC router machinery can offer 5 axis cnc router machining center, 4 and 3 axis cnc router machining center, woodworking cnc router and aluminum processing centers, general 3 axis ATC and manual tool changing engraving machines, EPS processing center and CNC plasma and laser cutting machines.cnc router for sale.

Roctech CNC router machinery already got ISO9001 certificate, CE certificate from authority organization, is able to supply to all over the world with High Quality, High Speed CNC Routers, CNC Laser engraving machines.

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We produce and sell CNC Routers ,Cabinet CNC center and more...

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It is without saying that this is the best machine for your money on the market today. And the customer support that you will get from Roctech CNC and their techs is second to none!! THANKS AGAIN!

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CNC router FAQ
1. Why use CNC router?

Besides CNC router, CNC router is one of the most popular custom manufacturing processes. CNC router is used for the majority of machined parts because it can handle a wide variety of irregular geometries. It is also an efficient means of mass production once the setup is complete

2. What kind of equipment do you use?

CNC router facilities contain high-end 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machining centers.

3. Can I combine milling with other processes?

Yes. We can use a CNC machine to mill details, features and text onto parts made using other processes like casting and 3D printing.


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