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Six -Side Drilling Center

Six -Side Drilling Center

Find Details and Price about Six -Side Drilling Center,The Six-Side Drilling Center is very easy to operate, the file format can be designed according to the customer's production management, no drilling data entry is required, and the......
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The case about Six -Side Drilling Center

1.The machine is equipped with a 19-inch color screen, wireless keyboard and USB port;The control system is from Japan. The screen can input image and text. It’s very easy to operate;The file format can be designed according to the customer’s production management without drill holes data input. It improves the efficiency of drilling.

2.Automatic fixing device:It is able to automatically fixed or release the material according to the programming, during the drilling and loading material.

3.Automatic Pop-Up position device,It can automatically locate the material’s positioning, according to different size of work piece.

4.Automatic loading device:It is able to put the sheet to the exact positions which be programmed.

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Technical Parameter of Six -Side Drilling Center

                                                                            PERFORMANCE PARAMETER
ModelCNC six-side drilling center
Spindle Power2.2kw
Mini Width of Panel50mm
Max Width of Panel930mm
Max Thickness of Panel48mm
Vetical Boring Unit12(X axis)+13Y axis
Horizontal Boring Unit2left+2right+2front+2behind
Tool shank diameter10
Working Table Height1020mm
Working VoltageAC380V,50/60Hz,3Ph
Working Pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Table Power6KW
Spindle Speed18000RPM
Gross Weight3000kg

——— END

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Six -Side Drilling Center

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