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Robot arm

Robot arm

Find Details and Price about Robot arm,1.Advanced system-NEWKer Robot Controller.2.Smart arm structure and claw design.3.Takes up less space ,Covers a larger work area.4.Allocate work reasonably and save time....
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The case about Robot arm

1.Advanced system-NEWKer Robot Controller.
2.Smart arm structure and claw design.
3.Takes up less space ,Covers a larger work area.

4.Allocate work reasonably and save time.


Number of control axesRobot standard 6 axes + 2 axes
Teaching box8-inch TFT-LCD, touch screen, mode switch, safety switch, emergency stop button
Servo motorServo motor
Operation modeteaching, reproduction, remote
Programming modekeyboard input, teaching reproduction, process programming
Motion functionspoint-to-point, straight line, arc
System instructionsmotion, logic, operation, technology, compatible with CNC system instructions
Coordinate systemjoint coordinates, user coordinates, tool coordinates, world coordinates;
PLC functionladder diagram editing, 8000 steps
Alarm functionemergency stop alarm, servo alarm, safety maintenance, arc starting abnormality, coordinate system abnormality, etc.

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Robot arm

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