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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Find Details and Price about Fiber Laser Cutting Machine,Fiber Laser cutting machine has fast operation, strong stability, complete functions, easy to operate professional control system, Fiber Laser cutting machine suppliers and manufac......
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The case about Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  1. Industrial grade heavy-duty steel structure design,CNC five-face machining center processing,to ensure machine tool accuracy and stability.

  2. Using France Schneider,Japan SMC,Yade electric equipment and Germaniguscable.

  3. Imported servo drive system and imported reducer,fast running speed and strongstability.

  4. Taiwan's guide rails and high-precision grinding racks to ensure long-term machiningaccuracy.

  5. Fully functional and easy to operate with professional laser cutting control system.

Cutting Range Selection3m*1.5m/4m*2m/6m*2m/6m*2.5m
Laser Output Power500w-6000w
Workbench Axial Accuracy+0.03mm
Workbench Repeat Accuracy+0.02mm
Power Requirements380V50Hz
Total Power Protection LeveIIP54

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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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