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CNC six-sided drill—From Roctech CNC

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 03 , 2023 04:37:33
CNC six-sided drill—From Roctech CNC

What can CNC six-sided drill be used for? It can not only be docked to the opening machine, but also to the electronic saw. Large-scale furniture factories with electronic open saws, generally used with CNC six-sided drill, therefore, the use of CNC six-sided drill is very wide, it has a large market potential.

    Roctech CNC six-sided drill has high technology level, it can replace the traditional PTP row drilling processing center and five-sided drilling processing center. Roctech CNC six-sided drill is gradually becoming the preferred product in the market. If you need more information about Roctech CNC six-sided drill, we hope you will contact us, we will sincerely answer your various questions and provide you with excellent solutions for you to choose.

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