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How to choose an advertising engraving machine

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 17 , 2023 03:30:03
How to choose an advertising engraving machine

    First of all, we need to be clear about what we want to process. The idea that buying one engraving machine can do all the work is not feasible. Engraving machine manufacturers divide the engraving machine into different specifications and models, just to deal with different processing tasks. For example, if you buy an engraving machine for making molds but use this machine to engrave two-color plates, or buy a large engraving machine with the purpose of using it to engrave seals, you will not only waste raw materials, but you will also not get good results. Similarly, you buy an engraving machine for making advertisements, and then use this machine to make molds, this machine is simply not up to the job. So, before you buy an advertising engraving machine, you must fully explain to the salesman what you need the engraving machine to do, as well as the size of the processing workpiece, material, etc., so as to get the right information about the advertising engraving machine.

     The next step is to choose the right model of advertising engraving machine. Smaller production of advertising signs factory purchase can buy advertising engraving machine, the production of content is generally three-dimensional word light sign, crystal letters, two-color plate, badges, etc., this situation we can choose the model of advertising level. Generally speaking, the width of the engraving machine is greater than 1200mm or more, not suitable for carving two-color plate and other fine work, but for sawing words, do some large card flat. The width of 1200mm and below x models, is a general-purpose carving machine, you can make two-color plate and other fine work, and can be used to do the rough work of sawing letters. For processing column surface or other shaped workpiece q case, we need to add some work jigs or rotating axes to the machine. This situation w we need Z-axis column high, the table to the head space between the large, so we can choose a special model of advertising engraving machine. 

    There is another matter that needs attention, that is, we should carefully observe the operation of the advertising engraving machine demonstration before buying the equipment. Engraving machine d carving small size of the word can let us see the accuracy of the engraving machine, high-power engraving tasks can let us see the scope of application of the engraving machine. If the engraving machine carving small size of the word when the accuracy is very poor, then for high-power carving will appear rough edges; r If the engraving machine for high-power carving, a more serious resonance (vibration), then the accuracy of the engraving machine h will be greatly reduced. So we have to determine whether this engraving machine based on the demonstration of the engraving machine is appropriate.

     The technology of producing an engraving machine is much more complex than that of producing a lettering machine, and there are many differences between an engraving machine and a lettering machine. A good engraving machine runs very fine, very stable, so as to avoid the waste of material caused by unstable operation. So buy an advertising engraving machine from a competent manufacturer, you can reduce the loss caused by machine failure, but also to produce high-quality products. If you still want to know more about advertising engraving machine, please contact us by email, phone, or WeChat,etc. There is contact information on our webpage, we are always looking forward to hearing from you.

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