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Automatic Labeling and Unloading Center RCA12241

Blog / By CNC router / Apr 04 , 2023 02:52:59
Automatic Labeling and Unloading Center RCA12241

Today we will introduce you to Roctech's automatic labeling loading and unloading processing center. This machine can be operated intelligently, humanely and foolishly. Ordinary workers can operate this machine after simple training. One person can operate multiple machines. In this way, factories do not have to rely on skilled workers all the time.

    This model of machine can automatically load the material, optimize the layout, open the material, drill vertical holes in the row, and automatically drop the material, etc. This machine runs smoothly and produces efficiently and without interruption, and it helps you to maximize the efficiency output of your factory.

    The control system of this model machine is from Osai (Italy) or Xin Dai (Taiwan), and the high-power automatic tool-changing spindle is imported from Italy. In addition, there are Japanese Yaskawa servo motors and drives, and Taiwan imported planetary reducers. These high quality parts ensure stable and efficient operation of the machine.

    This machine has a unique double-layer vacuum adsorption table, which processes small plates without shifting. It has smooth processing surface and accurate processing plate size.



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       If you are interested in this kind of equipment, please leave your message on our website. You can also contact us by phone or email. Please tell us what you need and we can introduce you the equipment that meets your requirements until you are satisfied.Roctech has rich experience in manufacturing and sales, and we have served customers from all over the world. We believe we can also provide you with equipment and services that will satisfy you.

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