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Factors of the price of CNC engraving machines

Blog / By CNC router / Apr 06 , 2023 02:45:57
Factors of the price of CNC engraving machines

     As we know, there are various types of CNC engraving machines. According to the function and usage, CNC engraving machines can be divided into categories such as advertising engraving machines, wood engraving machines, stone engraving machines and metal engraving machines. According to the different accessories and parameters, each category can be further divided into several types. The engraving machine is generally rotated by the rack and pinion used for the XY axis. In order to ensure the idling speed of the engraving machine, the Z-axis usually uses a screw rotation. This ensures the high accuracy of the engraving machine.

     If we want to buy a CNC engraving machine, we are probably most concerned about the price of the machine. So why are there many differences in the price of CNC engraving machines? Next we will analyze the factors that affect the price of CNC engraving machine.

   First, the control system. The control system of the engraving machine is divided into computer control and DSP handle. These two control systems have their own advantages, but the price of the engraving machine with handle control system is higher than the computer-controlled engraving machine. 

  Second, the drive system. Its drive system is divided into stepping system and servo system, respectively, the servo system is more accurate than the stepping system, and in relief carving time will not lose step and vector. 

  Third, the type of spindle motor. Spindle motor brand is different, the price will be different. In addition, the size of the power of the spindle motor is also a factor affecting the price. When we buy CNC engraving machine, but also consider what the CNC engraving machine will be used to do. If it is mainly used to do relief, we can choose a small power spindle motor. If we buy a CNC engraving machine used for cutting, then we should choose a high-power spindle motor. 

  Fourth, inverter. Frequency converter is mainly used as the spindle motor drive, as well as control the spindle start, stop and adjust the speed. So the inverter has a big impact on the quality of CNC engraving machine.

  There are many factors that affect the price of the engraving machine. In addition to these factors we mentioned, there are other factors, such as a manufacturer's service and after-sales. If you are planning to buy a CNC engraving machine, please take a look at Roctech CNC Engraving Machine ,With free training and after sales service.No hidden fee ,no hidden charge!For more information ,you can send us a message on Roctech's website. You can also give us a call or send us an email. Roctech's website lists a variety of our contact information. We look forward to you choosing a way to contact us that is convenient for you. We can give you the price of various configurations of CNC engraving machines. We hope you will choose the right CNC engraving machine. And we sincerely wish you good fortune.

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