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Clean the guide rails and screws of the woodworking carving machine

Blog / By CNC router / Apr 12 , 2023 02:50:35
Clean the guide rails and screws of the woodworking carving machine

The  woodworking carving machines is becoming increasingly widespread. When we use a woodworking carving machine, it is also important to know the maintenance of the machine. After the woodworking carving machine completes its work, we should clean the table in a timely manner. 

     The material debris next to the guide rail should also be cleaned in a timely manner. This can prevent machine jamming. The lead screw of a woodworking carving machine is a very important component. It determines the accuracy of this machine. So we also need to regularly clean the screw. This is also very important. This can effectively prevent foreign objects from adhering to the screw. We also need to pay attention to dust, which is the biggest influencing factor on circuit boards. So we must regularly clean the industrial control box.

     In addition, oiling is a very important task in the maintenance of woodworking engraving machines. After cleaning the guide rail and screw, we oil the woodworking carving machine. The refueling cycle is generally once every two weeks. After adding oil, we also need to let the woodworking carving machine run slowly back and forth to ensure its lubrication. 

     Even if the woodworking carving machine is not used for a long time, it should be regularly refueled and idle for operation.

     If you have any questions about the maintenance of the woodworking carving machine, please leave a message to our technician on Roctech website. We will definitely reply to you in a timely manner. Roctech CNC has a very comprehensive after-sales service system. After paying the Roctech woodworking carving machine, our service will not stop. We will always provide you with technical support to ensure that your equipment operates well and  your production efficiency.

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