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The Spindle of Woodworking Carving Machines

Blog / By CNC router / Apr 19 , 2023 02:24:47
The Spindle of  Woodworking Carving Machines

The spindle of a woodworking carving machine is one of the most important components of the carving machine. The quality of the spindle directly affects the processing speed and accuracy of the engraving machine. So, how do we choose the spindle of a woodworking carving machine? Let's listen to a few suggestions from the technical personnel of Roctech CNC.

    1.If we are very concerned about the processing efficiency of woodworking engraving machines, we can choose spindle motors with a power of 3KW or higher.

   2. We need to consider whether the motor of the woodworking engraving machine spindle adopts high-precision bearings. If high-precision bearings are not used, it is possible that the spindle motor may overheat after long-term high-speed rotation, resulting in a shortened service life of the spindle motor.

   3. We can listen to the spindle of the woodworking carving machine to see if the sound is uniform and if there is no noise when rotating at different speeds. Especially pay attention to whether the sound is even when the spindle rotates at high speed.

   4. We can also observe whether the radial direction of the main shaft of the woodworking carving machine is under force. This can determine whether the engraving machine can cut harder materials at high speed. Some spindles can only cut harder materials at very low speeds, and cutting hard materials at high speeds can cause the spindle to become severely out of control.

    If you are considering purchasing a woodworking engraving machine, you could leave a message to the salesperson on the website of Roctech CNC. You can write down your needs and questions on the message. You will receive a response from professional technicians as soon as possible. We hope you could choose a satisfactory woodworking engraving machine at Roctech CNC.

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