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Precautions for Woodworking Engraving Machines

Blog / By CNC router / Apr 21 , 2023 02:02:06
Precautions for Woodworking Engraving Machines

1.After determining the carving position, you must set all the coordinates of the X, Y, and Z axis workpiece to 0.

2. Adjust the carving speed and spindle motor speed to prevent the cutting tool from breaking due to excessive speed or slow speed during carving.

3. When you automatically align the knives, be sure that the tool block is insulated from the aluminum countertop of the engraving machine.

4.When carving, if you are unsure of the first cut or afraid of making mistakes, you can slow down the cutting speed. When you feel that the carving is normal, adjust the speed back to normal. You can also simulate carving in the air to see if it is normal.

5.If we do not use the woodworking carving machine for a long time, we should regularly refuel and idle it every week. It is best to set it to idle once a week to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.

6. Never cause water shortage in the water-cooled spindle motor. Regularly replace the cooling water to prevent excessive water temperature. Try to use as much circulating water as possible and replace it with a large capacity water tank.

7. After using the woodworking carving machine, pay attention to cleaning. It is necessary to clean the dust on the platform and transmission system; Regularly lubricate and refuel the X, Y, and Z axes of the transmission system.

8. The operator should wear a dust mask and protective glasses when operating the woodworking engraving machine to avoid discomfort caused by the dust generated during processing.

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