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Cooling System of CNC Milling Machine

Blog / By CNC router / May 09 , 2023 03:48:32
Cooling System of CNC Milling Machine

The CNC milling machine is driven by a digital AC servo drive. This machine has 6 main components. Today we will talk about its cooling system.

    The cooling system of CNC milling machine is composed of cooling pump, outlet pipe, return pipe, switch, nozzle and other parts. The cooling pump is installed in the inner cavity position of the machine base. The cooling pump pumps the cutting fluid from the reservoir inside the base to the outlet pipe, and then sprays it out through the nozzle to cool the cutting area.

    From the technical point of view of digital control, because CNC machine tools use servo motors, the use of digital technology to achieve direct control of the working sequence and motion displacement of the machine tool execution components.

      The traditional machine tool gearbox structure is eliminated, so the mechanical structure of the CNC milling machine has been greatly simplified.

      At the same time digital control also requires mechanical systems with high transmission stiffness, no transmission gap, which in turn ensures the implementation of control instructions and efficient control quality. Because of the level of computer, the control ability of the continuous improvement, the same a CNC milling machine allowed to have more functional components. At the same time CNC milling machine to perform the required variety of auxiliary functions has also become possible. So the mechanical structure of the CNC milling machine has a higher level of integrated functionality than traditional machine tools.

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