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Introduce the irregular edge banding machine

Blog / By CNC router / Jun 02 , 2023 03:54:37
Introduce the irregular edge banding machine

Edge banding machines have the difference between irregular line sealing and straight line sealing. In terms of current market share, irregular edge banding machines are more suitable for small and medium-sized furniture factories, with obvious advantages such as low price, easy operation, low failure rate, simple maintenance, and high cost-effectiveness.

    The fully automatic irregular edge banding machine can perform operations such as automatic feeding, linear milling, gluing, and even four sets of forming and pressing, surface trimming, head and tail trimming, and upper and lower precision trimming. And there are automatic feeding, continuously variable speed and other devices. The irregular edge banding machine can use artificial material edge banding strips, sliced thin wood edge banding strips, solid wood edge banding strips, etc. Its processing performance is very good. 

    If you want to learn more about the irregular edge banding machine, please contact the sales engineer of Roctech CNC. We will warmly introduce you to the detailed information of our irregular edge banding machine and the services we will provide for you.

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