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5-Axis Fiber laser machine

5-Axis Fiber laser machine

Find Details and Price about 5-Axis Fiber laser machine,Fixed gantry structure and movable workbench, with the largest processing space and extremely high dynamic performance;The three-dimensional head realizes nx360° infinite rotation ......
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  1.  Fixed gantry structure and movable workbench, with the largest processing space and extremely high dynamic performance;

  2. The three-dimensional head realizes nx360° infinite rotation and is highly efficient. From cutting to welding, the swing head can be quickly replaced without adjustment, realizing one machine with multiple uses.

Travelling size2000*4000*800mm
Control systemLynuc control system
motors&driversJapanese Yaskawa servo system
structureHeavy square tube welded structure
laser headRaytools laser cutting head
Laser source 6000w MAX laser source
Bed typeMovable working table
transmission system 42mm screw transmission system and 45mm linear square rails
Water chillerHL or CW
Electrical componentsFrench Schneider Electronic parts

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5-Axis Fiber laser machine

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