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CNC Router RC1325TS

CNC Router RC1325TS

Find Details and Price about CNC Router RC1325TS,CNC ROUTER RC1325TS has the function of automatic ejector, which is connected with the loading and unloading platform, saving time and improving processing efficiency. CNC ROUTER R......
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The case about CNC Router RC1325TS
  1. The machine can realize the intelligent, humane and simple operation, let the factory get rid of reliance on skilled workers. 

  2. Highly automated nesting solution with automatic loading and unloading system. Optimized nesting by PC automatically. To generate G code from 3D design rendering, which results in a short time, high utilization of panel, maximum productivity and zero error.

  3. Unique double of the vacuum table, processing small panel without shift. The complete work cycle of drilling, cutting, grooving and milling is carried out automatically, which results in zero down time. 

  4.  Automatic pusher features, connecting with loading and unloading platform, save time, improve processing efficiency.

Technical Parameter of CNC Router RC1325TS



X,Y,Z,A,C Traveling



Double Layer Vacuum Table


Welded Structure

X,Y,Z Drive System

X,Y Helical rack and pinion,Z Ball screw

Max Rapid Speed


Max Working Speed


Spindle Power


Spindle Speed


Driving System

Ysakawa Servo Motors

Working Voltage


Command Language

G Code

Operating System



Auto Nesting

Gross Weight



Syntec Control

——— END

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CNC Router RC1325TS

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