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CNC Router RC1325 DH

CNC Router RC1325 DH

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Model:RC1325 DH
Category:CNC Wood cutting Routers
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The case about CNC Router RC1325 DH

The case about  CNC Router RC1325 DH

Technical Parameter of CNC Router RC1325 DH

X,Y,Z Traveling2100x3000x200mm
FrameWelded structure
Table size2100x3000mm
Table SurfaceVacuum and T-slot Combined
X, Y StructureRack and Pinion, Hiwin Linear Rail
Z StructureHiwin Rail Linear and Ball Screw
Spindle Power9KW
Spindle Speed0-24000RPM
Working VoltageAC380V 50/60Hz,3PH
Command LanguageG Code
Operating SystemSyntec System
X,Y Resolution<0.03mm
Relative Humidity30% - 75%
Driving SystemYaskawa Servo Motors

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CNC Router RC1325 DH

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