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CNC Five -Side Drilling Center

CNC Five -Side Drilling Center

Find Details and Price about CNC Five -Side Drilling Center,CNC Five-Side Drilling Center can automatically locate materials according to different sizes of workpieces, CNC Five -Side Drilling Center suppliers and manufacturers have complet......
Model:Side Drilling Center
Category:Medium Line
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The case about CNC Five -Side Drilling Center

1.The machine is equipped with a 19-inch color screen, wireless keyboard and USB port;The control system is from Japan. The screen can input image and text. It’s very easy to operate;The file format can be designed according to the customer’s production management without drill holes data input. It improves the efficiency of drilling.

2.Automatic fixing device:It is able to automatically fixed or release the material according to the programming, during the drilling and loading material.

3.Automatic Pop-Up position device,It can automatically locate the material’s positioning, according to different size of work piece.

4.Automatic loading device:It is able to put the sheet to the exact positions which be programmed.

Technical Parameter of CNC Five -Side Drilling Center

Spindle Power


Max width of panel


Mini Length of Panel


Mini Length of Panel


Max Thickness of Panel


Vetrical Boring Unit


Horizontal Boring Unit


Spindle Power

2.2KW 4800RPM

Max Speed

X-Axis-70m/min Y-Axis-60m/min

Z-Axis-30m/min U-Axis-25m/min

Working Table Height


Working Voltage


Working Pressure


Total Power


Spindle Power


Gross Weight




——— END

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CNC Five -Side Drilling Center

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