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Roctech Linear Edge Banding Machine

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 09 , 2023 04:25:03
 Roctech Linear Edge Banding Machine
Edge banding is an important process in the production of panel furniture. The quality of edge sealing directly affects the quality, price and grade of the product. Edge banding can improve the appearance of furniture and avoid damage or peeling of the corners during transportation and use. Edge sealing can also waterproof, close the release of harmful gases and reduce deformation. Roctech linear edgebanding machine is a quality edgebanding equipment that furniture companies can rely on.

 There are two kinds of edgebanding machines used by furniture manufacturers: manual straight curve edgebanding machines and automatic linear edgebanding machines. Roctech linear edgebanding machine is manufactured with high precision and can maintain stable working condition for a long time to complete high quality edgebanding operation. Roctech linear edgebanding machine is suitable for linear edgebanding of solid wood, fiberboard, particle board and other board workpieces, and the edgebanding material can be selected from solid wood veneer, melamine, PVC, thin wood veneer, etc. Roctech edgebanding machine adopts high quality motor, imported electrical components, and there are several series, so customers can choose the right model according to their production needs. This equipment has high precision and production efficiency. The main model is RC-E05.

  Roctech linear edge sealing is very easy to install and debug, and very convenient to operate. The thickness range of edgebanding is 0.4-3mm, the width range of edgebanding is 12-60mm, the minimum sheet length is ≥120mm, the minimum sheet width is ≥80mm, the external dimension is 4600*900*1600mm, and the weight is 1700KG.

 If you need further information about Roctech linear edgebanding machine, please contact us by email or phone, we will be happy to serve you. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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