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What about Roctech CNC machines?

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 08 , 2023 03:16:17
What about Roctech CNC machines?
A CNC machine is a device in which the control system issues instructions to make the tool run as required. The operating system indicates the technical requirements such as shape and size of the workpiece in numbers or letters, as well as the machining process requirements, and the CNC machine follows these instructions.

    Roctech CNC machines are very reliable and mainly include these types: automatic CNC panel furniture production line, high-end CNC opening equipment, five-axis linked machining center, four-axis linked machining center and three-axis CNC machining center (woodworking machining center and aluminum profile machining center), and common three-axis automatic tool-changing engraving machine. These types of CNC machines are widely used in custom furniture industry, industrial enterprises, woodworking industry and advertising industry. Roctech auxiliary action of CNC machining are controlled by the instructions issued by the CNC system, which is very easy to operate.

   The operating instructions of Roctech CNC machines are prepared by the programmer according to the material of the workpiece, processing requirements, machine characteristics, and the command format (CNC language or symbols) specified by the system. When using the operator only needs to press the button, the CNC equipment can complete the start, stop and other actions, of course, you can also control the spindle start and stop, rotation direction, speed change, the direction, speed, way of feed movement; tool selection, length, radius compensation; tool replacement, coolant on and off and many other operations.

   Roctech CNC machine can use multiple tools, and it can also exchange the feed tool automatically. If there are multiple tables, it can automatically exchange the tables. Roctech CNC machine has very powerful functions to complete compound machining with high precision, high automation and high efficiency. If you are interested in learning more about our Roctech machines, please contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you

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