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Precision Machining with CNC Router

Blog / By CNC router / May 09 , 2023 03:37:13
Precision Machining with CNC Router

The technology of precision machining is a process in which the machining accuracy and surface finish are higher than those of other machining methods. This method includes precision cutting processing (diamond boring, precision turning, wide edge precision planing and other processing methods), high finish, and high precision grinding. The accuracy of precision machining is generally controlled at 10μm to 0.1μm.

     The tolerance level of this machining method is above IT5, and the surface roughness Ra should be controlled below 0.1μm.

     Precision machining is a process that relies on highly accurate and rigid machine tools and finely sharpened tools to cut away an extremely thin layer of metal on the surface of the workpiece through a very high, slow cutting speed and a very small depth of cut.    

     This process can significantly improve the machining accuracy of the part. Because the area left by this cutting process is small, the adverse effects of cutting forces, cutting heat, vibration and other factors are largely excluded, so that the degraded layer left by the previous process can be effectively removed. 

      After the precision machining process, there is basically no residual tensile stress on the surface of the workpiece, and the roughness will be significantly reduced. Therefore, precision machining improves the quality of the machined surface to a great extent.

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