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Precautions for CNC ROUTER machining

Blog / By CNC router / Jan 22 , 2024 13:56:32
Precautions for CNC ROUTER machining

CNC ROUTER is mostly used to engage in processing business, and the processing produces more powder and dust. So we should pay attention to the maintenance of ROUTER and maintenance of ROUTER, pay attention to keep the screw, guide and other parts clean and lubricated, timely cleaning of dust and oiling of transmission parts; ROUTER operators should be timely cleaning, oiling, power unplugging is strictly prohibited.

Precautions for CNC ROUTER machining

Precautions for use

1. Avoid strong electricity, strong magnetic and other equipment that seriously affects the ROUTER signal transmission. Such as: welding machine, transmission tower, etc.

2. Use three-core power supply to ensure good grounding of the ROUTER to reduce interference.

3. Voltage requirements are smooth, avoid large fluctuations, it is best to use a voltage regulator.

4. The machine should not work for a long time in the environment of strong acid and alkali.

5. Reasonableness of the processing process

In addition to the processing accuracy to be guaranteed by ROUTER, reasonable processing technology is also very important. In order to ensure the processing accuracy, please pay attention to the reasonableness of the processing process.

6.Cutter use

The manufacturing process and accuracy of the tool itself affect the machining accuracy. Therefore, please choose a tool that is suitable for machining.

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