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How to choose a CNC machine

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 08 , 2023 03:07:52
How to choose a CNC machine

How to choose a CNC machineWhen our customers come to Roctech CNC, they always ask such a question. So how does Roctech CNC consider this question for customers?

  With the continuous development of manufacturing industry, CNC machine tools are widely used. CNC machine tools are processed with high automation, high efficiency and good quality, so they have gained great recognition in the market.

   In order to improve the processing efficiency, one end of the CNC machine tool uses hydraulic three-jaw chuck to clamp the workpiece when processing long axis and circular rotary workpieces. The hydraulic chuck uses soft jaws, it can be precisely positioned, easy to use and generally does not pinch the surface of the workpiece. It supports the workpiece in the middle or end of the CNC workpiece, and its jaws are rollers, which rely on the reciprocating motion of the cylinder and the action of the cam plate to make the three jaws self-centering throughout the range to ensure the workpiece rotation and processing requirements.

   How to choose CNC machine tools? There are two general forms: CNC hydraulic self-centering and manual.

   CNC hydraulic self-centering of a high degree of automation, it can be in the processing program in accordance with the processing content, processing order into the processing steps, to achieve programmed automatic processing. This kind of equipment is mostly used in the production process of small batch and complex parts, which can realize the completion of all processing except the clamping part in one clamping, generally in CNC tube lathe, cylinder lathe, camshaft lathe, crankshaft lathe type CNC lathe.

    Manual equipment is only suitable for use on ordinary mechanical lathes, and the programmability, accuracy, convenience and operation of these aspects are not comparable to CNC hydraulic.

    After the comparison of the two kinds of equipment, we can find that the product with the mutual integration of information technology and industrialization is the good product. If you need more information about CNC machine tools, you are welcome to contact Roctech CNC. We have advanced production lines and can provide the most optimized CNC solutions for our customers at home and abroad, please contact us and we will be happy to serve you.

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