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CNC machining center requirements for tools

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 08 , 2023 03:00:20
CNC machining center requirements for tools

Cutting fluid is an industrial fluid used in CNC machining centers to cool and lubricate tools and machined parts during metal cutting and grinding processes. The cutting fluid is made of a variety of functional additives with scientific compounding. At the same time, it also has good cooling, lubrication, rust prevention, oil removal and cleaning functions, anti-corrosion, easy dilution and other characteristics.

   If there is no cutting fluid for processing, the machine tool and the processed workpiece will be easily deformed under high temperature or rusted, so the machine tool must use cutting fluid when processing to avoid this undesirable situation.

    What is the proper use of cutting fluid?

   First, provide a safety self-locking device. When the high pressure cutting fluid is working, if the operator opens the machine door by mistake, the high pressure pump should stop immediately.

     Second, the cutting fluid should be low-foaming, with good mixing stability and anti-separation. Foam is sometimes caused by soft water quality, but of course distilled water with low mineral content does not work either. Foam makes the air block the combination of cutting fluid and cutting area, which can not play a cooling or lubricating effect, and can not make the cutting fluid get good filtration, and more easily make the cutting fluid overflow out of the water tank.

     Roctech CNC warmly reminds everyone to always remember that the use of cutting fluid must pay attention to the specifications and strictly follow the regulations to solve problems.

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