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How to operate a CNC engraving machine safely

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 21 , 2023 02:53:16
How to operate a CNC engraving machine safely

When we operate a CNC engraving machine, an important issue to consider is safety. We must pay more attention to safety issues when using large equipment and operate the machine in strict accordance with the process provided by the engraving machine manufacturer. So for woodworking engraving machine, what safety hazards may be encountered in the process of operation? The face of these hidden dangers we should how to deal with it? Today we will talk about how to safely operate the CNC engraving machine.

    1. The operator must first undergo rigorous training, after passing the test to operate the machine. Operators must strictly follow the operating procedures to operate the engraving machine.

    2. If you want to adjust or repair the engraving machine, be sure to shut down the machine first. 

    3. operators in the operation of wood engraving machine do not bring gloves, because the wood engraving machine spindle speed is very fast, if accidentally touch the spindle tool will easily bring the gloves together with the hands into the machine, may be injured hands.

   4. the operator must pay attention to avoid hand contact with the edge when feeding. Although the woodworking engraving machine is fully automated equipment, but inevitably manual work on loading and unloading materials, so be sure to pay attention to safety.

    5. operators in the operation of the engraving machine must be in accordance with the safety operating procedures for processing operations, especially some operators unfamiliar with the engraving machine must be careful operation.

    6. Because there is high voltage inside the engraving machine, anyone should not repair the electrical appliances in the control cabinet without permission, if you need to repair the electrical appliances, you should find an electrician or manufacturer. To avoid causing unnecessary accidents. 7. CNC engraving machine power supply voltage requirements 220V (or 380V), 50Hz, in the case of unstable power supply voltage or high-powered power equipment around, please be sure to configure the appropriate stable power supply.

    8. Engraving machine with inverter must be well grounded, the operator to replace the spindle, pay attention to the direction of rotation of the spindle.

    9. operators to replace the engraving machine tool d, do not need too hard, you can tighten the collet, slightly tightened on it.

    10. operators to replace the engraving machine tool, conversion set assembly must be correct, different models of tools must choose the appropriate model of conversion set, in your loading knife, pay attention to the conversion set is strictly prohibited within the debris.

    11. operators to regularly clean up the CNC engraving machine, so as to keep the equipment on the screw and guide without debris. 

   12. If you need to carry the CNC engraving machine, especially when moving a long distance, you must have a professional present or under the guidance of a professional. 

   13. When the operator installs the engraving knife, he should first snap the collet into the nut, then insert the engraving knife into the collet, and finally tighten the nut. Otherwise, the engraving machine has noise, easy to break the knife.

   14. The operator must start the cooling water pump when the machine is turned on, and the spindle should be checked regularly for overheating during processing. 

   15. If the machine appears abnormal, please refer to the above instructions or contact us to solve; we must be dedicated to do a good job after-sales service to solve your worries.

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