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The engraving machine produces the wrong size product?

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 21 , 2023 06:57:34
The engraving machine produces the wrong size product?

     If your CNC engraving machine produces products with errors in size, what should you do? You can try these steps.

      First, you can check the processing program to see if there is a discrepancy between the size on the drawing and the actual size of the product.

     Secondly, you can check if the actual distance the machine travels is correct. For example, let's set the travel 1000 on the machine, measure the actual distance and compare if the two numbers are the same. If the two values do not agree it means that the machine pulse equivalent error.

     It is calculated as follows.

     Actual distance * current pulse / target distance

     For example, the target distance is 1000, the actual distance is 800, the current pulse equivalence is 0.031

     Calculation method is: 800X0.031/1000

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