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How do woodworking engraving machine to improve the productivity of the factory?

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 24 , 2023 01:47:21
How do woodworking engraving machine to improve the productivity of the factory?

With the development of CNC technology, many furniture companies want to use woodworking engraving machines to improve their productivity. When using woodworking engraving machine, these tips and methods can help you to improve your productivity. So let's start with how to run the woodworking engraving machine.  

      First, if you want to start the woodworking engraving machine, please pay attention to these details. 

 1. Check the cooling water of the spindle; 

 2. Start the machine, low-speed idle spindle for 5 minutes; 

 3. If the CNC lathe has not been running for a long time, you should first break in the CNC lathe, the break-in period of about half an hour will be fine. 

 4. The new spindle motor must be run together.

 5. People should carefully read the text description of the woodworking engraving machine. Make a copy of the written instructions if necessary.  

        Secondly, it is necessary for you to pay attention to these details during the operation of the woodworking engraving machine.

  1. Protect the carving object: woodworking engraving machine in the carving process to ensure that the carved object will not be shifted.

       2. Fix the carved object: carving those irregular carved objects, it is possible that the items on the surface have been fixed very tightly, but when the carved object is subjected to the pressure of movement may shake back and forth. In this case, you can try to put some scrap under the object to improve the friction.

In addition, it is important to preserve the built-in packaging of the object. Although the object is irregular in shape, its packaging may be standard and easy to be fixed, and with a small strap, the irregular shape of the object can be easily fixed. Or use a special tool to fix it.   

      3. If the carved object is subjected to a lot of downward running pressure, you may consider whether you must use a tapered knife.

  Roctech woodworking engraving machine is easy to use, reasonably priced, and the products it engraves are highly accurate and beautiful. If you are considering buying a woodworking engraving machine, we hope you will learn about Roctech woodworking engraving machine. You can leave a message on our website or use other communication methods to contact us. We will be happy to serve you.

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