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Classification and characteristics of CNC engraving machines (II)

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 23 , 2023 06:29:36
 Classification and characteristics of CNC engraving machines (II)

What are the other classifications of CNC engraving machines? Roctech engraving machine, for example, we can also be divided into 3-axis engraving machine, 4-axis engraving machine and 5-axis engraving machine, according to the different ways of working CNC engraving machine.

  The 3-axis engraving machine can only be used for carving and cutting of flat materials, and the 4-axis and 5-axis engraving machines are good at spatial surface processing, shaped processing, hollowing processing, punching, beveling and mitering. They are especially good at using foam and wood, making ship models, car models, aviation models and other non-metal models. 

    We hope that the analysis of the classification and characteristics of CNC engraving machines will help you understand these conventional CNC engraving machines. With the change of the industry and the progress of the times, CNC engraving machines are also stepping into newer markets and applications by pushing forward and following the times.

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