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Routine maintenance of Roctech CNC cutting machine

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 29 , 2023 05:58:36
 Routine maintenance of Roctech CNC cutting machine

Roctech CNC cutting machine is a very popular CNC cutting machine. This CNC cutting machine has high precision and high efficiency. Doing a good daily maintenance of the machine can extend the service life of the machine. To do a good job of daily maintenance of the CNC cutting machine, what issues need to pay attention to? Next we will talk about this issue.

1. Keep the flatness of the pad

CNC reclaimer pad flatness affects the solidity of plate adsorption. The more grooves in the mat board, the lower the adsorption pressure, which may cause the plate to shift under the material. This also means frequent plate replenishment, which affects productivity. So it is important to keep the mat board flatness.

2. Check the water volume of the vacuum pump twice a day in and out of work, and pay attention to the insulation of the pump head in winter plus the right amount of antifreeze powder or antifreeze liquid.

3. Check the oil volume of automatic oiling pump every day.

4. Check the rail rack every day whether there are foreign objects such as wood chaff, keep it bright and clean.

5. Regularly absorb dust from the opening machine box to prevent static interference caused by excessive dust.

6. Regularly milling and flattening the table pad to ensure the suction power.

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