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​ Advantages of CNC cutting machines compared to woodworking carving machines

Blog / By CNC router / Apr 10 , 2023 08:09:52
​ Advantages of CNC cutting machines compared to woodworking carving machines

1. The structure of the engraving machine itself prevents long-term cutting. In general, the mainstream configuration of engraving machines is still based on stepper motors. If processed for a long time, it is easy to lose steps due to the heating of the internal coils of the motor, which directly affects the engraving accuracy.

     2. Ordinary engraving machines do not have positioning cylinders, resulting in significant errors during the machining process and insufficient accuracy. In addition, panel furniture often requires punching and grooving on both sides, and the lack of positioning cylinders can also lead to errors in hole spacing.

    3. The operation speed of CNC engraving machines is relatively slow because ordinary engraving machines use stepper motors, while the cutting machines are servo motors and are equipped with reducers, which require more power and stable operation. In addition, ordinary engraving machines are basically a spindle and cannot achieve automatic tool change. If you want to process complex processes, you need to manually change the tool, which greatly wastes manpower and time. However, CNC cutting machines can switch multiple tool heads, easily achieving automatic tool change for three or four tool heads, as well as wheel disc tool libraries, and can meet various front and back punching needs of the cabinet.

    So what are the advantages of CNC cutting machines over CNC woodworking carving machines? In one sentence, it can be summarized that all CNC engraving machines can achieve this, while engraving machines with cutting machines may not necessarily be able to achieve it. So if you're just doing some door panel hollowing, carving, relief cutting, then you can choose a woodworking carving machine. If you're making panel furniture that involves cabinets and doors, it's best to choose a CNC cutting machine.

     Roctech CNC hopes  that through today's analysis, you may have a clear understanding of the differences between CNC cutting machines and woodworking carving machines, which will be helpful for your production.

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