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How to Handle Lubrication System Alarms

Blog / By CNC router / Apr 27 , 2023 05:18:26
How to Handle Lubrication System Alarms

The lubrication system is an important guarantee for the normal operation of CNC machining centers. It occupies a very important position in the entire machine. When we process workpieces, if the lubrication system alarms, how should we solve it?

     1. Manually check if the pressure can meet the requirements. If the pressure gauge shows low pressure, then this situation is usually caused by oil pipe leakage or dirty oil pump filter screen, resulting in poor oil flow. At this time, we can check the external filter. It should be noted that if the oil is mixed or the temperature is low, the lubrication system will also alarm.

     2. Improper parameter settings. If the oil interval we set is long and the oil pressure cannot meet the needs, the lubrication system will also alarm. At this point, we can shorten the oil filling interval and extend the oil pressure detection time (500ms shorter than the oil filling time) to solve the alarm problem.

     3. Timely check the status of the lubrication system and pressure gauge, regularly clean the filter screen of the lubrication system, replace the lubricating oil, and dredge the oil circuit.

     4. Timely check the air circuit system, clean the air filter screen, and avoid gas pressure leakage.

     5. Check and tighten the transmission components of each part, and replace any defective components in a timely manner.

     6.When the machine tool starts running, the gear pump is driven by the main engine to operate, and the machine inputs the oil from the lubricating oil tank to various parts of the machine tool that need lubrication. After one week of circulation, it passes through the oil return hole and then enters the lubricating oil tank. If the actual oil tank temperature value does not match the set value, the automatic control system will activate the lubrication oil tank temperature measurement and control circuit.

     7. Keep the fuel tank temperature at the set temperature value by heating or cooling. Excessive or insufficient lubricating oil can lead to waste. Therefore, the lubrication system adopts a regular and quantitative working method to ensure that the oil quantity of the system can be evenly supplied.

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