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Maintenance of CNC Engraving Machine

Blog / By CNC router / May 10 , 2023 03:08:22
Maintenance of CNC Engraving Machine

CNC engraving machine is a kind of precision equipment for cutting workpieces. Operators in addition to regular inspection of equipment is normal, CNC engraving machine routine maintenance is also very important. Daily maintenance process to ensure the safety of the operator. Protect the operator while maintaining good equipment.

     CNC engraving machines are mostly used to engage in processing operations. Machine processing produces more powder foam, dust. Operators in use should pay attention to keep the filament rod, light rod and other parts of the clean and lubricated, timely cleaning the accumulated dust, timely oiling of transmission parts. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to unplug the machine with electricity.

     After the end of the CNC engraving machine operations, the operator should pay attention to these three points:  

    1. Clear the chip material, wipe the machine. Check whether the machine tool is clean;

    2. Check the status of lubricants and coolants. Timely add or replace the lubricant.  

    3. Turn off the power supply and the main power supply on the machine operation panel in turn.

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