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Regulations for Operating the CNC Engraving Machine

Blog / By CNC router / May 10 , 2023 02:24:40
Regulations for Operating the CNC Engraving Machine

The operator of the CNC engraving machine must strictly abide by the operating regulations when running the engraving machine. This is because doing so will not only ensure the safety of personnel, but also prevent the return of scrapped products due to human negligence. Therefore, it is necessary to operate the engraving machine in accordance with the regulations to promote the standardization and standardization of operations. So, what are the operating procedures of the engraving machine? Next, we will talk about these elements.

     1. The operator must check and confirm whether the motor cooling system (water pump) and lubrication system (oil pump) is working properly before and during the carving process.

    2. When the spindle is rotating, it is strictly forbidden to touch it with your hands to avoid accidental injury.

    3. Pay attention to cleaning the residual chips inside the motion box frequently to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

    4. When clamping the workpiece, must follow the principle of "loaded solid, loaded flat, loaded right", strictly forbidden to carve on the overhanging material; in order to prevent the deformation of the material, the thickness of the material should be more than 2mm greater than the depth of carving.

    5. The card must be cleaned of debris before loading.

    6. When installing the card, be sure to first screw the card head into the lock nut and put it right, together with the motor shaft, then insert the card head, and then use the upper knife wrench to slowly lock the nut, when loading and unloading, loosen the nut to disable the push-pull method, to use the rotary method.

    7. The length of the exposed chuck shall be determined according to the carving depth, whether the workpiece interferes with the fixture, and as short as possible under the above conditions.

    8. It is strictly forbidden to put any objects on the crossbeam and stall of the machine tool to avoid falling and injuring people.

    9. It is strictly forbidden to lie down on the machine tool during operation, and it is not allowed to sit or lean on the machine tool frame.

    10. Be sure to correctly define the starting point of X, Y, Z axis before processing. After replacement, the Z-axis starting point must be redefined immediately, X, Y-axis starting point can not be changed.

    11. When using the tool setting instrument to define the tool setting point, it is strictly forbidden to rotate the spindle to prevent the tool setting instrument from being damaged; it is strictly forbidden to fill the tool setting instrument with water or oil, and the tool setting instrument must be covered with a cup when not in use.

    12. Before starting processing (cutting), put your hand at the red emergency switch button. Press it as soon as there is an accident.

    13. When unloading the tool, it is strictly forbidden to hit the chuck with a wrench.

    14. After processing, turn off the power of the machine, send the workpiece for inspection, pack up the tools, measuring instruments, clean the machine and the ground.

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