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The Role of Linear Edge Banding Machine

Blog / By CNC router / May 22 , 2023 06:20:18
The Role of Linear Edge Banding Machine

Generally speaking, panel furniture is a kind of modern furniture which is made of man-made board as raw material and the basic structure of the board is removable. Particleboard, plywood and MDF are the main materials of panel furniture. After these man-made boards are cut into panelized parts, the sides are uneven and prone to moisture absorption and deformation, and the edges must be sealed.

     Edge sealing is a method of furniture edge treatment in which the edge sealer is pressed onto the side of the panel parts by means of an adhesive. Edge sealing not only protects the board from moisture and water, but also increases the aesthetics of the board, making it practical and beautiful. Board furniture edge sealing technology has also developed from traditional manual edge sealing to today's fully automated intelligent edge sealing, achieving efficient, high-quality edge sealing.

    The performance and processing quality of straight edgebanding machines have a great impact on the beauty and quality of furniture. The more advanced linear edging machine is generally equipped with a pre-milling device at the front end, using high-speed rotating milling knife to process the end face of the plate, so that the edging material and the plate can be more closely combined. For thicker edgebanding materials, the linear edgebanding machine is also required to have a tracking trimming function. This allows the edges of the workpiece to be finished delicately.

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