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What Are Five-axis CNC Engraving Machines?

Blog / By CNC router / May 15 , 2023 04:12:39
What Are Five-axis CNC Engraving Machines?

A five-axis CNC engraving machine is a type of CNC machine. It can engrave on the workpiece in five directions at the same time. Like other CNC engraving machines, the basic process of a five-axis CNC engraving machine is carried out in the X, Y and Z axis coordinate system. At the same time, it can rotate the tool in two additional axes such as A and B (360 degree horizontal and 360 degree vertical rotation). This helps the engraving tool to fit better and get closer to the surface of the workpiece to engrave and cut the material.

     The advantage of the 5-axis CNC engraving machine is the high precision of machining. It is especially suitable for the processing of complex curved workpiece, and carving three-dimensional sculpture. Among them, five-axis machining center is the current solution to the processing of impellers, blades, marine propellers, large diesel engine crankshaft and other workpieces particularly good method in the aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision equipment, high-precision medical equipment and other industries play an important role in the field.

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