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CNC Cutting Machine with Automatic Tool Change

Blog / By CNC router / May 31 , 2023 03:31:13
CNC Cutting Machine with Automatic Tool Change

The processing tools in the furniture manufacturing industry have undergone rapid updates. From artisan manual processing, to precision saws, and now to CNC cutting machines, the processing methods are becoming increasingly simple and convenient. The processing effect is becoming increasingly refined. It can be said that more and more furniture manufacturing industries are purchasing CNC cutting machines, bringing people more exquisite furniture.

     Especially the emergence of CNC cutting machines with automatic tool changing. Both disc type automatic tool change and straight row automatic tool change cutting machines can carry 8 or even dozens of knives. The Roctech CNC cutting machine with automatic tool change is equipped with 12 knives. The row type knife magazine can move with the gantry. Not only can different tool heads be changed at any time according to processing needs, but also the tool change speed is fast and the processing efficiency is high.

     Basically, Roctech's CNC cutting machine with automatic tool change can cut 70-90 sheets in a day, resulting in high processing efficiency. The utilization rate of the board is as high as 98%, greatly reducing the cost of raw materials. If you would like to learn more details, please feel free to contact us. We would be honored to introduce you to the details of the Roctech automatic tool changing and cutting machine.

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