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How to adjust the diagonal of Roctech engraving machine

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 15 , 2023 03:13:00
How to adjust the diagonal of Roctech engraving machine
If you are going to use the engraving machine to engrave a square and the shape that comes out is a parallelogram, what is going on? If the shape produced by the engraving machine is distorted, it is possible that the diagonal is not the right size. Do not worry too much, the carving machine diagonal is not right, is a small problem that can be solved.

     How to adjust the diagonal of the engraving machine? Adjusting the diagonal is a very familiar thing for the engraving machine technician. We can list the detailed adjustment steps step by step.

     First, loosen the screws on the gantry, according to the size of the error before and after walking the machine, and then tighten the screws that fix the gantry, so as to ensure that the adjusted gantry is no longer tilted (this method is only applicable to steel gantry).

     Secondly, the gantry of cast aluminum side plate needs to loosen the slider and gear box, and then move back and forth according to the size of the error.

     Third, if the machine is a screw drive diagonal problems, it is necessary to replace the filament mother and adjust the gantry pallets.

      Now let's take an example of how to make the engraving machine accurately engrave a square.

Step 1, 1mX1.5m rectangle with four corners, using a carving knife to tie the eyes and measure the diagonal length.

Step2, such as deviations, the machine will be opened to one end, using a wooden stick to hold the Y-axis side, the column to the Y-axis was held on the side of the drive line pulled off.

Step 3, the computer manually hit the side of the line that was pulled out 3mm at a time.

Step 4, measure the diagonals again.

Step 5, repeatedly adjust until the two diagonal gap in the error allowed.

     So, if the engraving machine has problems about adjusting the diagonal, do not worry, Roctech engraving machine after-sales technicians will teach you how to deal with it in a timely manner. We know that the engraving machine is a kind of equipment used to carve acrylic, density board, metal, etc.. There are many items that can be carved and cut by the engraving machine, such as logos, advertising letters, crafts, etc. 

     The engraving machine has many uses, not only in the advertising industry. Therefore engraving machine is very popular. At the same time, we should also note that the post-maintenance of the engraving machine is a very important element. Roctech engraving machine provides perfect after-sales service to solve all kinds of worries for you. If you need to know more about Roctech engraving machine, please give us a call, or send us an email, send us a WeChat, we will provide reliable products and professional services, and hope to satisfy you.

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