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How much does a Roctech engraving machine cost

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 15 , 2023 03:16:30
How much does a Roctech engraving machine cost
If you are planning to buy an engraving machine, probably your first concern is, how much does such an engraving machine cost? In fact, we believe that the configuration of the engraving machine determines the price. For example, the price of woodworking engraving machine is approved according to the specific equipment model, equipment configuration and other factors. Different models of woodworking engraving machine, the price is certainly different. In addition to the price, users must also choose the right engraving machine for themselves. So how do we choose the right engraving machine, the price is fair, the model is also appropriate?

    So we list a few configurations that affect the price for your reference.

    1. screw and guide is an important part of the engraving machine, a good screw and guide is the long-term use of the engraving machine its accuracy and performance guarantee.

    2. engraving machine body manufacturing process: high-powered engraving machine at work, the body must be precise and stable, so if you need long-term carving products in high-powered state, we should choose the casting body of the engraving machine to ensure the accuracy and stability of equipment processing.

    3. the speed of the carving head motor adjustable range: the general speed adjustable range is a few thousand to 30,000 revolutions per minute, if the speed is not adjustable or speed adjustable range is small, then it means that the scope of application of the carving machine is greatly restricted, because the carving of different materials must be used with different carving head speed.

    4. We have to ask how the motor of the engraving machine, the engraving head motor of the engraving machine is very important, because the engraving head motor is usually a long time continuous work, so if the engraving head motor is not good, it will affect the operation of the engraving machine.

    5. We have to pay attention to how the function of the engraving machine. Engraving machine engraving motor has the difference between high power and low power. Some carving machine power is small, only suitable for two-color plate, architectural models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts and other materials processing, this process has been popular for some time, but because the carving power is too small and greatly affects the scope of its application. Another is a high-power carving head carving machine, this carving machine is divided into two categories, one is a large format cutting machine: the width is generally more than one meter, the other is a moderate width carving machine: this carving machine is generally applied to fine processing and organic sign making.

    6. The controller is also generally divided into two categories: a class of controllers only to do the drive, all other computing work done by the computer, the computer is in a waiting state when the engraving machine work, can not be typesetting work. Another class of controllers using single-board or single-chip control, this controller is actually a computer, so as long as the engraving machine began to work, the computer can immediately carry out other nesting work, especially when a longer time carving, the advantages of this category is particularly obvious.

      In summary, because the configuration of the engraving machine is different, so there is a big difference in price, the function will also be very different. When we want to know how much an engraving machine, first of all, we must be clear about what we are prepared to do with the engraving machine, according to the specific purpose, choose the right equipment model, and then compare the prices of different brands of engraving machines.Roctech engraving machine has a wide range of models, the price is also very fair. If you want to buy an engraving machine, you are welcome to consult us. You can send us an email, or call us, or add WeChat, depending on which is convenient for you. Roctech CNC's website has detailed contact information, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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