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Controller of Roctech CNC engraving machine

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 16 , 2023 05:54:04
Controller of Roctech CNC engraving machine
Many customers ask Roctech CNC engraving machine with which control system, how to control the operation of the engraving machine, and so on. Today I'll give you a compilation of information in this regard, I hope it can help you.    

     Engraving machine is a kind of CNC drilling and milling combination machine. Morphologically, the engraving machine can be divided into two parts: the machine tool and the control system (including the controller, etc.). The machine tool is like the human body, the control system is like the human brain and soul. The two parts are independent and inseparable. The control system of the engraving machine, the core part of the engraving machine, is the brain and soul. A good bed is like a good body. For the body to move, it needs a smart brain. The control system of the CNC engraving machine is generally composed of three parts, a drive, inverter, engraving controller and upper computer software. 

     Roctech CNC engraving machine controller how does it work? Roctech CNC engraving machine is designed and typeset by the special engraving software configured within the computer, and the computer automatically transmits the design and typeset information to the engraving machine controller, and then the controller converts this information into a signal with power (pulse string) that can drive a stepper motor or servo motor. Control the engraving machine host to generate X, Y, Z three axes of the carving path base path. At the same time, the carving machine on the high-speed rotating carving head, through the processing material configuration of the tool, the processing material fixed in the host table for cutting, so carved out in the computer design of a variety of flat or three-dimensional relief graphics and text, to achieve carving automation operations.

    Engraving machine controller, which is the core part of the engraving machine control system. Its main function is to execute the computer software commands, and control the inverter, drive work. Engraving machine control system needs to have these functions.  

 1. windows interface, graphic three-dimensional display, simple operation. 

2. pci bus plug-in card structure, pci 2.1 standard, windows 2000/nt/98 compatible.  

3. cutting speed 0.3m~16m/min, spindle speed 7000 rpm~60000 rpm. 

4. can receive a variety of three-dimensional g code format (g00g01g02g03), type3 or caxa and other cad data formats.    

5. with manual tool setting, automatic tool setting, zero return, automatic zero taking, pause, hard limit, soft limit function: with a wide range of practicality and ease of use stepping, automatic and zero return function dynamic display tracking z-axis automatic tool setting xyz three-axis continuous program jump segment execution (breakpoint memory) back to the axis processing, etc.

     Roctech CNC engraving machine components are precision designed, so it is very efficient and accurate to use, whether it is flat or three-dimensional relief graphics and text, it can carve out very accurately. If you are looking for a fair price and good performance CNC engraving machine, I hope you take a look at Roctech CNC engraving machine, you can contact us by the contact information on the web page, phone, WeChat, email are available. Roctech CNC engraving machine will not let you down, we look forward to hearing from you.

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