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Automatic tool change for woodworking engraving machines

Blog / By CNC router / Mar 24 , 2023 06:26:31
Automatic tool change for woodworking engraving machines

Roctech CNC has many types of woodworking engraving machines that can change knives automatically. These woodworking engraving machines are highly automated, easy to use and highly productive, so they are popular among woodworking companies. So how do these woodworking engraving machines achieve automatic knife change? Next we will talk about it in three aspects.

  1. Replace the spindle head and change the knife.

    In the CNC engraving machine with rotation, the engraving machine modified automatic tool change, replacement of the spindle head, which is a relatively simple way to change the tool. Spindle head usually has two kinds of horizontal and vertical, spindle head is often replaced by the turret indexing to achieve automatic tool change. On each spindle head of the turret, the rotation required for each process is first installed. After issuing the tool change command, each spindle head turns to the processing position in turn and switches to the main motion so that the corresponding spindle drives the rotation and the other spindles in the non-machining position are out of the main motion.

    2.Automatic tool change system with tool magazine

     The automatic tool change system with tool magazine consists of tool magazine and exchange mechanism. This is currently the most widely used tool change method on multi-process CNC engraving machines. The whole tool change process is more complicated. In the standard tool holder, the machine is adjusted to the size and then put into the tool magazine in a certain way. When changing tools, the machine first selects the tool in the tool magazine and removes it from the tool magazine and spindle through the equipment. After that, after the machine puts the new d tool into the spindle, the engraving machine is modified to change the tool automatically and put the old tool back into the tool magazine.

 3.Rotary tool holder

   The rotary tool holder used on the woodworking engraving machine is the simplest automatic tool change system. According to different processing objects, we can design various forms of square tool holders and hexagonal tool holders, and install several of them on the frame respectively to change tools according to the command of CNC device. The rotary tool holder must have good strength and stiffness in structure so that it can withstand the cutting resistance during rough machining. Since the cutting accuracy depends largely on the tool tip device, for woodworking engraving machines, the position of the tool tip does not need to be manually adjusted during processing. Therefore, this kind of woodworking engraving machine is more important to choose a reliable positioning scheme and reasonable positioning structure to ensure that the rotary tool holder has the highest possible repeatable positioning accuracy. All the movements of the rotary tool holder are controlled by the hydraulic system through the electromagnetic reversing valve and sequence valve, which are divided into four processes: tool holder lifting, tool holder indexing, tool holder pressing and indexing cylinder resetting.

    To sum up, the automatic tool changer is an important running part of woodworking engraving machine. If you are planning to buy a wood engraving machine, it is necessary for you to understand and be familiar with the automatic tool changer of this machine. We hope you will take a look at the information of Roctech woodworking engraving machine, maybe this kind of machine is just what you need. You can find our company website by searching Roctech woodworking engraving machine in Google. We look forward to your leaving your request on our website and we will reply to you promptly. You are also very welcome to visit our factory and we will be happy to serve you!

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