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Procedures for Safe Operation of CNC Engraving Machines

Blog / By CNC router / Jun 07 , 2023 03:38:00
Procedures for Safe Operation of CNC Engraving Machines

Roctech CNC engraving machines are reliable in quality and easy to operate. They have been well received by many customers. Before using a CNC engraving machine, we recommend that you first understand the operating procedures of the machine. This will enable you to work safely and efficiently. Next we will talk about some basic CNC engraving machine operating procedures. We hope you find these suggestions helpful.

     1. keep the workplace clean. A cluttered workplace can easily lead to accidents.

     2. When the CNC engraving machine is in operation, the operator should avoid direct physical contact with the spindle, power output, controller interface and other components to prevent electric shock.

    3. Visitors not related to the work must be kept at a safe distance. The operator's hands are to be kept away from the machining spindle when machining is in progress. Cut off the power supply when machining is stopped. No unrelated persons or children are allowed to operate the CNC engraving machine.

    4. The operator should follow a reasonable workflow as allowed by the operating system. This makes the CNC engraving machine more efficient and effective.

    5. Do not use the low power spindle for heavy work. Do not use the machining tool indiscriminately. 6. Do not wear loose clothing and jewellery when working. To avoid getting caught in the CNC machine. It is best to wear non-slip rubber shoes. People with long hair should wear a work cap.

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