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Preparation of CNC Engraving Machine Before Work

Blog / By CNC router / Jun 08 , 2023 04:11:12
Preparation of CNC Engraving Machine Before Work

Roctech CNC is dedicated to the professional development and manufacture of CNC machine tools. Roctech CNC products are sold to Europe, America, Middle East, Russia, India, South East Asia, South America, etc. Roctech CNC has the world's advanced scale production line and can provide the most optimal CNC solutions for our customers at home and abroad. If you choose a Roctech CNC machine, we will continue to provide you with attentive after-sales service.

    Today we will talk about what we need to pay attention to before the CNC engraving machine works.

    1. CNC engraving machines need to warm up before they start working. Operators to check whether the lubrication system is normal. If the equipment has not been used for a long time, you can manually lubricate the various parts of the oil supply first.

    2. Carving before and during the carving process, pay attention to check whether the motor cooling system (water pump) and lubrication system (oil pump) is normal.

    3. The tools used for engraving should be in line with the specifications allowed by the machine, and the severely damaged tools should be replaced in time.

   4. The tools used to adjust the tools should not be forgotten in the machine tool.

   5. The tool should be installed after one or two trial cuts.

   6. Check the working of the chuck in the clamping state.

   7. When clamping the workpiece, you must follow the principle of "loading solid, loading flat, loading right". It is strictly forbidden to engrave on overhanging material.

   8. To prevent material deformation, the thickness of the material should be more than mm greater than the depth of the engraving.

   9. before loading the card tool to clean up the debris in the card head.

     There are more tips for the use of CNC engraving machines, which we will talk about gradually in future articles. If you need to buy a CNC engraving machine, please feel free to contact Roctech CNC sales engineers. We will recommend the right model for your needs and provide you with enthusiastic service.

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